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From: Alvaro Lopez
Subject: The Candy Store Diaries (Part shy little lolitas stories 1)[Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between actual
events and the events in this story or the characters lolitas sites top 100
in this story are
purely coincidental. This story involves descriptions of unsafe sexual
acts between men for the purpose of erotic fantasy and is not intended to
condone such acts. If you are underage or homoerotic material is
otherwise illegal in your area, please do not continue. Author retains
copyright; do not duplicate this story without express written consent by
the author. Comments and suggestions are welcomed at lopezbosyahoo.com]Candy Store Diaries (Part 1)February 5, 19XX
I can’t believe I’m home and under my own power. I lolitas sites top 100 guess it takes an
accident like mine to appreciate the simple things like getting up to
find the remote. I’m still a little shaky if I walk too much, but it’s
getting better. I lost twenty pounds (and don’t miss them) and my upper
body actually is getting strength it never had, probably all that PT. I
feel like I’ve gotten a jump start on the workouts I promised myself
I’d do but never did.So much has changed since December, it’s hard to believe it’s been such
a short time. Leslie’s gone, but everyone says it’s for the best. I’m
not entirely sure that’s true right now, I miss her. I’m not pissed at
her not being able to handle the situation; I knew she sucked in a
crisis, so it’s not like it came as a shock that she bailed. I think
I’m the only one that knew it was coming, even as they were carting me
away in the ambulance.What I miss the most is the sense of bs magazine model lolita male-ness she provided. Since she
left, I’ve found myself thinking about my urges again. The guys in PT
didn’t www nude lolitas org help. I can’t believe I’m even writing this, but Randy was
pretty damned good to look at. I found myself staring more than once. The
other guy, Chris I think, was a skinny prick, and the way he fawned all
over Randy made shy little lolitas stories me cringe. He was like a cartoon character side-kick.So I’m back in my apartment, crutches and all, www nude lolitas org and the days ahead look
pretty long. Did three sets of exercises.February 9, 19XX
Spent the day packing Leslie’s stuff. Not much too it really, and it
wasn’t an emotional thing, just wanted my bathroom back. There was
enough shit in there to fill two boxes alone. Went through the CDs and
DVDs, packed up anything we’d bought together, not because I didn’t
want to be reminded of her, just because I really don’t like the shit.
I’ll probably finish off tomorrow and give her sister a call to come get
it all. The place is starting to feel nude lolitas and nymphets
like mine for the first time.My visiting nurse showed up yesterday, Frau Ugly. Damn that woman’s a
bear. She’s got more of a stache than I do, and arms like a linebacker.
The massage felt good though, and with Frau Ugly at baby teen lolitas models
work, no chance of an
erection.Speaking of erections, stumbled on a chatroom this morning while looking
for PT strategies (anything to get done faster). I had no idea guys
discussed shit like this on line. Hate to admit it, but it got my motor
running pretty good. If Luce from next door hadn’t knocked, man.Did four sets, could have done a fifth, but taking it easy.February 11, 19XX
I’m a sick fuck. I spent the better part of yesterday surfing gay sites.
I had no idea. I came like four times just looking at pictures and
reading stuff on line. What an education. I gotta get off these fuckin
crutches and back out now, or I’m going to be a pervert for life.Five sets.February 14, 19XX
Five sets and added some upper body stuff. russian loli top list Mom bought me a home gym thing
that fits only in the living room. Good young pussy hot lol
thing Leslie’s not around to
bitch.Weirdest Valentine’s day on record. I should have known Leslie would
jump at the opportunity to make a hidden lolita pay sites
big dramatic scene. I asked her sister
to come pick up her shit precisely for that reason, but simple
instructions seem to be confusing to them both. I should have know she’d
pick today to get her shit, and I should have known that it would be both
of them. The funny thing in all this is that she’s more concerned about
what people will think of her than what I think, which is pure Leslie.
She came in sobbing, as if I were throwing her out. I think that my not
giving a shit really pissed her off.Things got really weird really fast. I pretty much ignored her antics
while she made trips in and out, sniffling and teary the whole time. I
sat in the kitchen reading the paper. On the last trip she decided that
she wanted files off the computer. For a second or two I didn’t really
click, then all those sites and all those pictures sprang to mind. I
pretty much jumped out of my chair. She caught the overreaction. Her
whole mood changed when I told her that I didn’t want her poking around
on my computer. Good old suspicious Leslie came out to play. It was like
waving a red flag. She planted herself down at the keyboard and went
right to the browser. Good thing the apartment is pretty small, I managed
to hobble over quick and in a show of machismo, I yanked the electrical
cord out of the wall. I managed to flip the printer halfway across the
room little lolitas minors nude
in the process, but it was a cheapo model anyway.Leslie accused me of everything in the book, yelling at the top of her
lungs that it was all clear to her now, how I had been cheating on her. I
stood (well, leaned mostly) and stared her down. The last thing I needed
was for her to go around telling everyone I was gay and that’s the real
reason she left. I let her rant, looking youn 12 yo loli as impassive as possible and
wondering how asian lolita pics free
far she’d gotten on the history list before I pulled the
plug. When she asked me who “she” was, I knew. All I said to her was
“Get out, now.” And that was all she needed. It was finally my fault,
my decision, my doing. She was exonerated. I told her there was no one
else, but it fell on deaf ears and I could care less. Leslie was going to
re-write history regardless. She demanded her files, but the last thing
she needed was proof that there wasn’t someone else, so it was a weak
request that ended in sobbing fits and a stage young pussy hot lol exit. I thought later
that I should have asked for my key back, but it’s probably less
stressful to just pay for the locks to be changed. I’ll talk to the
super tomorrow.February 16, 19XX
In a bizarre addendum to the Leslie show, Rico the super came by today to
change the locks. I’ve known Rico since I moved in, and I think I’ve
called him twice, both times to report a leak in the apartment upstairs.
Everything else in the place I fix myself. Locks have to be changed by
the super, and I explained to him the Leslie thing and told him that I
didn’t want her in my place when I wasn’t here, just in case she had
the wit to ask nudist lolita boy girl
him for the passkey. Rico www nude lolitas org shook his head and didn’t ask
for details, which was good because I really wasn’t in the mood. He
asked me how my legs were doing and told me he’d heard about the
accident from Luce.So far normal. Then Rico gets to work, and the damned lock is an old
style that doesn’t match the new ones. So he’s drilling and cussing,
and banging. hidden lolita pay sites
He’s working up a sweat because although it’s February,
the heat’s freaking again. It works out great for me because little bbs lolita fun I get to
wear shorts which makes it easier to work my legs than bulky sweats. I’m
handing him water like he’s in a marathon. When he’s finally done and
the pretten underage uncensored lolita door latches right (after about a hundred tries) he plops into my
kitchen chair.It took about a minute before I realized I was staring. All those
pictures and movies, dammit. A sweaty, hairy jock is gulping down bottled
water at my table, letting a little stream escape his lips and course
down his neck. And I’m watching it like it’s Monday Night Football. By
the time I realized I’d been staring, I’d been staring too long. Rico
let out preteen models bbs lolita
a mighty sigh and pulled himself up. I envied his strength right
now, I needed crutches and something to lean on to get up. Meanwhile my
dick is actually getting wood. He eyed the gym in the corner and nodded,
asking me if russian loli top list it was any good. Before I could think about what the hell I
was saying, I offered to let him try it whenever he wanted to. He nodded
and said he would. Yikes. Maybe he’ll motivate me, no sets, no reps, no
nothing today.February 17, 19XX
Spent the better part of this morning jacking off. I can’t lolitas sites top 100 get Rico out
of my head, and I better because a) he’s straight, b) he’s living with
a latina chick, and c) I’m straight. I think. At what point exactly do I
cross the line? Did five sets again, man are my legs sore. Really gotta
work on the upper body too. No sense losing the gains.Found yet another chat service last night. Usually I just read what
everyone is saying, but I got private messages from a couple of guys. I
didn’t answer, it was too weird. I’m starting to freak myself out, I
feel like I’m doing something dirty, but I’m not really. Jacked off to
naked women just in case.I did exchange some encouragement with a guy in Phoenix who’d just had a
similar accident as me (not all my surfing is sex). He pointed out that
all my personal info was on line through the chat, and taught me how to
create an alias to keep some privary. Ugh. Felt like a complete moron in
light of the other chat rooms I’ve been watching.February 18, 19XX
Rico came by and it really helped get through six reps and a whole upper
body workout. I’m going to be sore tomorrow, but feels good now. He
really knows his way around this equipment, which is good since I
haven’t bothered to read the book that came with it.Having Rico in close quarters is a little challenging, but once we got
talking, it was better in some respects. We have almost nothing in
common, but he’s funny and tells great stories about his family. He’s
got four brothers and two sisters and their grandmother lives with their
parents. All but two sibs are out of the house (small wonder). He wants
to start his own maintenance company someday and is saving up for that.
Fantasized about him when he left.February 19, 19XX
Frau Ugly showed up again today. She liked the gym and was pleased with
progress. I think I’m afraid of her. The massage was fantastic though,
the woman has amazing hands. Skipping the workout today and just enjoying
the buzz.February 21, 19XX
Another great workout with Rico today. He said his brother is a body
builder and that’s how he learned on the stuff, only he’s not into the
fanatical side of it. He says he’s not looking to bulk up, just stay in
shape. Since I am looking to bulk up, he knows the tricks, but man, it
hurts.Down to one crutch today, much better than two. Finally got up the nerve
to talk to a guy on line today. A lot older than me, but a lot in common.
He wasn’t pervy or anything, just chatting about feelings and urges like
he’s been there. He’s married with two kids and plays around with nudist lolita boy girl
soccer coach about once a month. I feel like I’m a visitor on another
planet sometimes.February 24, 19XX
Sore as hell, but good workout yesterday. Rico’s pretty easy going about
it, but working out with him makes me push harder than if I were alone.
Just keeping up with him is a bitch. He’s almost thirty and can outlift
me in just about everything.Chatted with Bert (the older guy) again last baby teen lolitas models night. I think he’s a
shrink, or should be. Had me talking and thinking a lot. This interest in
guys isn’t new, I know that, but making it real is. He had a lot of
advice, most of it about being safe. It’s not like I’m going to go out
to a gay bar tomorrow and gang-bang the place. He’s hidden lolita pay sites
a nice guy to talk
to, but sometimes I just want to get off and I’m not looking for the
analysis.March 9, 19XX
Damn it’s been a while since I wrote in this. Workouts going fine,
Rico’s coming up every other day at ten so I’m on a schedule now. Frau
Ugly says he’s my angel because he’s doing me a huge favor. I’m torn
between the distraction and the need for exercise. It sort of got dicey
last week. Rico came up early because he had something to do at lunch and
wanted to be ready. child nudes girls lolitas I sort of had a routine (I hate writing this) but
I’d jack off before he came up so as not to be too focused on russian loli top list his body.
I know that after I come, I’m not so horny or interested, so it works
out. Unfortunately, he came up early, so I wasn’t done. I also forgot to
turn off the computer, and while we chatted it went to sleep, so I
didn’t notice it until later when an e-mail came through and woke it up,
showing a great picture of a guy on all fours taking it up the ass. Three
feet from Rico’s face. He looked a little surprised then laughed.Turns out Rico’s kid brother Ray is bi. Here’s where it gets
complicated. The sibs all know he’s bi, and the parents know he’s bi,
but the parents think he only `tops’ which is OK in their culture
(they’re Brazilian I think). The parents freaked when they heard `bi’
because they thought (rightly) that he takes it up the ass. The oldest
brother, Nickie, I think, told them that `bi’ in the US means taking
men as well as women, naughty girls loli hentai so mom and dad calmed down and assumed their baby
boy was a top stud for either sex. Talk about confusing. Anyway, Rico
said it’s no big deal, but he was totally straight and I should know
that. I told him that I was just looking and was straight too. I don’t
think I sounded convincing to myself either. I felt like a total pervert,
but Rico was totally not freaked out.The thing with Rico was an insight for me. Not the being `outed’ part,
the part about being bi. I hadn’t thought of that before. I thought that
you were either straight (which I have a resume for) or gay (which I
appear fixated on). The whole thing got me thinking about myself and
where the hell secret preteen loli videos
I am. I can think of twenty reasons why I’m looking at
guys now in my life. I’m 28 and have been with women since I was 17. I
thought every guy looks at wrestlers and body builders and feels the
little zip down under the nuts. I just chalked it up to curiosity. This
accident and the whole Leslie thing (I’m including the two-year
relationship) would make anyone want to hand over the keys to someone
else for a while. Is baby teen lolitas models that what this is? Just wanting to be the
`passive’ player for a while? It’s driving me crazy. I know that the
more I explore on line, nudist lolita boy girl the more it appeals to me sexually. It’s so
different, but almost as if I’ve known it’s there all along. The Leslie
thing was exhausting, I know that now more than ever, but is this need to
explore because of that?March 11, 19XX
Made it most of the day without the crutch, but now my leg is aching
big-time. Workout is good, but kinda sick of feeling sore all the time.Had a long chat with Bert again last night. It’s good to get my thoughts
out to someone, even if it is a buzz-kill sometimes. Against Bert’s
advice, I’m posting a personal on line. He says it’s a mistake, but at
this point, I’m giving myself room to explore. Bert’s actually going to
be in town next week and I asian lolita pics free
promised to meet him for pretten underage uncensored lolita dinner at his hotel.
I made it pretty clear I wasn’t interested in young pussy hot lol anything but conversation.
Bert’s nice and all, but not my idea of a guy I’d actually touch. Now
Rico, that’s another story, but I guess his unavailability makes him a
little more interesting. Sort of a safe guy to enjoy the show knowing it
ain’t going anywhere. The subject of the pictures hasn’t come up again,
or of my dating anyone of any gender. Speaking of dating^┼Luce came by again today, she’s a sweetie. If she wasn’t with that
loser boyfriend, well, she’d be up in the top five. Jan’s insisting I
start dating soon, but I think that’s just sister-talk to keep my morale
up. She and Mom are secretly (well, not-so-secretly in Mom’s case)
thrilled that Leslie is not in the picture. I know Jan disliked her on
sight, but never said anything. Mom said more than one thing, but it went
over Leslie’s head most of the time. I think Mom is worried that Leslie
II will arrive, so she’s not pushing the dating issue. I wonder what
they’d think if they knew my first post-Leslie “date” was with an
orthodontist from Toledo with a wife and kids?March 16, 19XX
I was re-reading last week’s stuff. Burt (with a `u’) is a
periodontist, not an orthodontist. shy little lolitas stories Gums, not braces.It’s funny how we ascribe characteristics to people on line. I had his
picture, which is pretty on-target, but his voice was a surprise. I had
imagined he had a softish head-shrinker voice, but he’s got this deep
bass rumbling voice that feels like it’s shaking the room when he talks.
And he talks fast, a lot faster than I imagined, but then I’m used to
`hearing’ him on the chat line in text.We had a nice dinner, he was staying at a nice place with a piano bar. I
felt unbelievably awkward talking about urges and stuff in public, but we
were in a corner and there wasn’t anyone around (weeknight). I think he
figured out I was a little freaked and kept things pretty normal. He
asked me about the personal ad and I told him I’d put it in and he was a
little disappointed. He took a long time explaining the `candy store’
syndrome to me.In his experience, and apparently other guys he knows, `late bloomers’
like me go through a candy-store phase. It’s a whole new world of
seduction and conquest that pits natural hunters against each other. He
said that in this day and age (he sounded like my uncle there) the number
of serious diseases you could get just `playing around’ made the candy
store phase a really hazardous time. He practically begged me to be super
careful. I know I’m not at my best right now with the legs and all, but
I’m not exactly a whimp either. I’m still a good six foot one and
getting stronger every day. He said the danger wasn’t something I could
beat up, and there were shady characters out there that would more than
like the challenge. He told me a few scary stories from his own
experience, but I can’t see myself in those situations. I’m not ducking
out on a wife, so I’m not likely to get into a rest-stop scene or a dark
alley.All through dinner I was really uneasy because in the back of my mind I
was wondering what was going lolitas sites top 100
to happen afterwards. It was a weird
combination. I sort of wanted him to ask me up to his room, pretten underage uncensored lolita and dreaded
it at the same time. All through dessert I had this little buzz going,
anticipation and fear, lust and revulsion. It occurred to me on the ride
home that iboard3 to bbs loli
I’ve made more than one chick feel this way. Man it can suck
to be on the other side!Rico asked me about my love life during the workout. Freaked me out a
little, but I told him that after Leslie I was taking a break. He told me
his brother posted an ad on a bi website and had lots of replies, and
some of the guys were pretty decent. For a second I thought about
protesting, but then I told him the truth, that I’ve never `been’ with
a guy, that I’m just thinking about it. He laughed and told me it was
cool, that he’d thought about it too, but just never really felt a
strong draw to it.March 17, 19XX
Man it’s late. Went out drinking with the guys for the first time since
the accident. How many times have I said that? “since the accident”
It’s like the stupid accident is this punctuation mark in my life now
where I measure time. Why not “since I lost my love handles” instead? I
am looking sharp, if I do say so. Frau Ugly got me a cane so I could be
out and about without looking like Tiny Tim. It was good to see Billy and
Marty again, but they’re all weird about stuff, like they’re afraid to
talk about stuff. I toasted Leslie’s departure, and they eased up a bit,
but it took a few more rounds to feel OK again. Billy got shit-faced as
usual, but I couldn’t really help Marty get him home, I’m still not
strong enough to carry another guy. I think that pissed Marty off, but
too bad.Burt’s back in Toledo, which is nice because I get to talk to him again.
I liked meeting him, but it secret preteen loli videos
felt wicked weird to actually say that stuff
in a public secret preteen loli videos place. I actually got a few responses to my ad, if that’s
what you call it. Burt said the site’s a meat market, but I’m not
exactly in it to find a life partner. One of the guys, Sam, seems like a
regular guy. I sent him e-mail today, so let’s see where it goes.March 20, 19XX
Big day! Frau Ugly says I’m ready to go solo, sans cane and crutches.
Told me the cane was for old men and `pretentious fags’ I think she
said. I laughed my ass off. If she only knew I ditched the cane when I
met Sam yesterday!Sam. Where to start? I was nervous as hell, and to keep my promise to
Burt, I met him at a coffee shop. This one goes to Burt. Now I’m a
pretty laid-back guy, but when someone tells you they’re six feet tall,
you kind of expect them to be six feet tall. I can understand being
generous about your weight (even shy little lolitas stories though I don’t have to be any more ^Í
thanks Rico) but height? Like I’m not going to notice you’re five-nine?
He described himself as `masculine’ which apparently means `still wear
men’s clothes’ to lolitas sites top 100 him. What a freaking swish. I felt like every eye in
the place was on us. He made me laugh a lot, and he’s got a wicked way
of talking about people, but not my speed. I think he kind of figured it
out too, but I told him I didn’t really feel any chemistry. Before I
could stop myself I told him I’d call him again. Some things never
change.March 24, 19XX
Rico came up for the workout on schedule today. Nothing unusual about
that, but I did share the Sam story with him. I don’t know why, maybe
because Rico’s the only person (other than Burt) that knows I’m bi and
is a friend. That’s weird. naughty girls loli hentai
He laughed a lot, and I embellished the story
of course. He’s always cracking me up with stories from his family, I
figured I was due. He asked me if I’d posted on the site and I told him
no, I hadn’t remembered the URL. preteen models bbs lolita He told me again, and winked when he
said to stay away from `Gino911′ because that was his little brother.
Which reminds me, need to check out that profile ASAP. Rico’s easy to
talk to about this, which is really weird. He doesn’t have the slightest
problem with it. Maybe it’s cultural, or just having it `in the
family’ that makes him so laid back about the whole thing. He did child nudes girls lolitas say
that his brother Nickie, the body builder, isn’t as cool with it, but
that’s because he’s always getting hit on and he hates it because it’s
disrespectful.Exchanged a few e-mails with a guy named Rick. He says he’s just
exploring too and that he’s engaged. His fiancÚ sounds like Leslie, and
I don’t know why the hell he’s going through with it, but it’s his
life. We’re meeting for coffee tomorrow.March 27, 19XX
Got my last massage from Frau Ugly. I’m going to miss that hairy witch.
I actually saw my www nude lolitas org
abs today for the first time since high school.Rick: Nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. We talked about
sports the entire time in the shop. He showed me pictures of his fiancÚ,
which actually looks like Leslie too. We talked for a good half hour, and
I have to admit I was checking him out. He was wearing shorts and a bike
shirt, and he’s in good shape. Hairy, muscular legs too. It’ll be a
long time before I’m ready to wear shorts, the scars on my right leg
look like shit and my left one looks only slightly better. The doc says
the road-rash on my thigh is for life, sort of a sand tattoo. Maybe by
summer the red will have faded enough for me to wear shorts, but not yet.So in the parking lot, Rick tells me that he’s really interested. Which
is good, because I’m feeling pretty insecure about the limp. He said he
didn’t notice it, then he told me that I looked hot. Can’t really
describe the feeling, but it’s totally different than when a chick tells
me I look hot. I’m so nervous I don’t know what to say or do. iboard3 to bbs loli I don’t
know the rules here, and it’s pissing me off. Rick gives me his cell
phone number, but tells me not to call it after four because he’s
usually home then. I blurt out that I live alone, and immediately feel
like a slut. I give him my home number, but he says he can’t keep it,
his fiancÚ might find it. I’m starting to wonder how Rick and Burt exist
in two worlds like that, but I’m not looking to date the guy.Which brings me to the conversation with Rico this morning. I told him
about Rick, and how we’d pretty much left it up in the air and I didn’t
know whether to call him or not. Rico comes right out and asks me what it
is that I’m looking for and I realize I don’t have an answer. As usual,
he laughs and tells me that if I’m just looking to know what dick tastes
like, he can set me up with a bunch of guys. I laugh too, but it puts me
thinking about what the hell it is I want. I look at the porn on line,
and I want that guy to be me, but why? For the sex? Just sitting across
from Rick made me horny, and when he told me I was hot, it was like fire.
Frustrated and confused.March 30, 19XX
I realized this morning that my legs don’t ache. I don’t know when
they stopped, but when I got up to piss, I realized that the ache was
gone. Feel like celebrating. I can’t wait to tell Rico about it
tomorrow.I called Rick yesterday, right after lunch. After he answered, I realized
that I had absolutely nothing to say. I didn’t have the balls to invite
him over. I suggested we go for a bike ride together tomorrow, but warned
him it would be a slow, short ride. He knows about the accident. He
agreed and promised not to wear me out. We’re going to meet at the
trails. I should have asked him to pick me up. Since the call I’ve been
in a mild panic. I’m hoping Rick is as clueless as I am about all this.March 31, 19XX
Did my usual workout with Rico, and mentioned my bike-date with Rick.
First time I ever saw Rico pissed. Said I was pretty stupid to head off
into the woods with a guy I knew for all of an hour, and made me swear to
take my cell phone. I told him with my legs the trip into the woods would
be yelling distance from the parking lot.Met Rick at the park, he was wearing spandex shorts. Put this on my list
of things I like. We rode the kiddie trail for my sake. I was actually
feeling good. We got into the woods and followed the brook trail for a
while. It’s been a russian loli top list
wet, warm spring and the trails are for shit. We
stopped and sat down for a while, I think Rick was worried about my legs.
With no one around we got to actually talk, and sit right next to each
other. I was almost shaking, I felt punch drunk. I put my hand on his leg
and just let it rest there. Man that felt weird, but in a good way. Hard,
hairy, male, and not mine. I rubbed and he reached over and did the same,
only I jumped when he touched me. Felt like a total asshole. He thought
he’d hurt me. We laughed, then he leaned over and kissed me.Talk about off-guard. I must have sucked because I was so surprised that
I didn’t react for a second. Every sensation was new, and totally
different. He put his arms around me (a little awkwardly) and I did the
same, and it was overload. It was so totally different that it threw me.
And it felt pretty damned good, and he noticed. Guilt hit me like a
two-by-four. What was I doing? What was he doing? Why did it feel so
good?We kissed a while, rubbing and holding, and I even brushed his crotch
with my hand, but I couldn’t work up the nerve to touch his hard cock.
But his cock was hard for me. And that made me hard enough to pound
nails.April 2, 19XX
Been thinking about Rick asian lolita pics free
non-stop. Rico didn’t ask, and I wasn’t about
to tell what happened. Burt was pissed when I told him about it, same as
Rico. Burt suggested I make a pass at Rico to see what happened. Burt can
be an asshole sometimes.I invited Rick for another ride, and this time asked him to pick me up at
my place. He’s coming by day after tomorrow.April 4, 19XX
Rick showed up and the second the door was closed he grabbed me and told
me he hadn’t stopped thinking about the last `ride.’ I told him I felt
the same way, and this time I kissed him. This time preteen models bbs lolita it wasn’t awkward,
it was animal. We were grabbing each other like wrestlers to the death. I
didn’t care if my hard on was obvious. I didn’t think about anything,
just the feel of this guy. My brain kept asking for more, but I didn’t
know what to do next. We must have grappled for a while, but I don’t
really know, I lost track of time. At one point I grabbed his crotch to
feel him, no excuses. Man that was hot.Rick was the first to pull off the shorts, and young pussy hot lol he took my shirt off too,
and I took his. Kissing bare-chested is fuckin amazing. I wanted to take
my sweats off, but those damned scars. I think Rick took it to mean I
didn’t want to get naked, but I didn’t really care. I grabbed his cock
and started to stroke it, like it was mine. All the while my brain is
saying “what the hell are you doing??” but my dick is yelling louder.
Rick ground himself nude lolitas and nymphets into me hard, really hard. He must have been loaded
for bear, because he came like a fire hose, and I had trouble holding him
up while he let go. His cum was all russian loli top list over my pants, and I didn’t give a
shit.I think Rick’s a lot like me in that when he comes, he’s done. He got
this weird look on when he saw his spunk all over my crotch (and down to
my knees) and started apologizing and freaking. I told him I’d change,
but he suddenly noticed the time and had to `run.’ OK, so he’s out the
door in two minutes, and I’m jackin at the desk to relieve the pressure.April 6, 19XX
Rick finally sent me an e-mail today. I called him yesterday, but got his
voice mail. Told him he still owed me a ride, and after I hung up I
realized what nudist lolita boy girl that sounded like. Ugh. He said in his e-mail that he’s
got a big project for work and has to spend some time on it. I’ve been
feeling a little weird about the whole thing myself, so I’m glad he’s
busy for now. I don’t think I’m ready to face him again, I’m still
processing the whole thing.Rico gave me two tickets to his brother’s competition this weekend. I
told him I only needed one, and I swear he looked relieved, the same way
my sister looked when I broke up with Brenda the Stewardess. Anyway, Rico
said that with all the work I’d been doing on the weights it would be
fun, plus there would be a shitload of muscle guys and gals to ogle,
except his brother of course. I asked him if he was going, but he said
that Nickie was uncomfortable with family in the audience so he had
banned them all from all but the biggest meets. I gave him back the
second ticket, but he insisted I keep it, just in case I met someone to
take to the meet.As luck would have it, Sam sent me an e-mail detailing his latest date.
In a weird way I think of him as my `inside’ guy, giving me answers to
questions as they come (like what the hell PNP is). Sam’s convinced I’m
a bottom guy, but I’m not sure about that. He’s taken to calling me his
`girlfriend’ and loves to dish out venom on his failed encounters. He
really is a riot. I asked him to join me for the meet, but warned him to
`butch up’ for the event. He said yes of course, and promised not to
sing show tunes.April 9, 19XX
Rico pretten underage uncensored lolita pushed me hard today, man does it hurt. He said little bbs lolita fun
I hit a plateau and
need to push through it if I’m going to get stronger and bigger. I’m
not sure I want iboard3 to bbs loli
to get that much stronger and bigger pretten underage uncensored lolita if it means being
sore all the time again. Rico’s looking leaner and much more defined,
and suggested we take measurements. I declined because I don’t think I
could handle it, and I really like him as a nude lolitas and nymphets friend and asian lolita pics free
don’t want to do
anything that would be weird.A guy named Anthony replied to my ad. If he’s really the guy in the
picture, man, that would be amazing. He’s a big guy, six-four, and
solid. Hairy too. Intimidating, but a really nice e-mail.April 14, 19XX
I’m not sure what to write, where to begin. This is supposed to be a
workout record, but it’s turned into a diary of sorts. I know I can’t
tell Burt or Rico.Sam and I went to the bodybuilder’s meet on Saturday. It was
oppressively hot in the auditorium, and kind or rank too. The guys were
painted brown, which was totally unappealing to me. The women too, but
not so much. They were actually more a turn-on for me than the guys.
Nickie was amazing. He looks like Rico, but bigger and older. He came in
third, which was shitty because he was way better defined than the two
guys ahead of him, but Rico says it’s politics.Sam was out of his mind. He really can butch up when he wants to, you’d
have thought he was just one of the guys. But he’d lean over and
whisper stuff to me that made me crack up. He pointed out the guys that
were gay, swearing that his `gaydar’ was always one-hundred percent
accurate. I told him he was full of shit, and he bet me ten bucks he was
right. Well, originally he bet me a blow job, but I told him I wouldn’t
take that bet. He’d prove it by approaching one of the guys after the
meet and talking to him, and I was supposed to see which guys checked Sam
out while he was talking. I told him this was a dumb idea.There were a bunch of gyms at the meet with displays in the lobby and
side rooms. I guess they get business at these things. Sam insisted on
checking out the displays, so we walked up and down. I actually got
involved talking to one that’s a few miles from my place and has steam
rooms and a pool, and in the meantime Sam wandered off. By the time I’d
finished talking to the chick (with an outstanding rack by the way), Sam
was nowhere to be found. I wandered around some more, then decided to go
outside, it was too hot inside. Sam came out and said right off, `you
owe me ten bucks, girlfriend’ and a big-ass guy followed him out. Allen
(the lifter) was going to give Sam a tour of his gym. Now Sam’s a nice
looking guy, but I think the only time he’s seen the inside of a gym is
in pictures. Sam explained that he’d catch a cab home afterwards since
the gym was just a couple of blocks from his place. Part of me envied Sam
and his ability to just `pick up’ a guy like Allen, like shopping at a
supermarket.I drove home alone, feeling a little horny for Sam and Allen. I was
thinking I would love to be a fly on the wall. I was just getting into my
apartment little lolitas minors nude
when the russian loli top list
phone rang. The ID said it was Sam’s cell phone and
my heart jumped in my chest. I had an image of him beaten and bloody in
an alley. As soon as I heard his voice, I knew he was OK, but it took a
couple of seconds to figure out what he was asking me. Apparently Allen
wanted to take Sam out to a club, but he’d promised his buddy Ronnie to
go. Sam had benevolently suggested that I join them and make it a
`double.’ Sam’s attitude is nothing if not infectious. He’d planned
it all out and was just calling to notify me of my role. My job was to
take Ronnie home. I could figure out the rest.As I write this, I wonder what the hell I was thinking, but then at the
time, I’d spent a day looking at hot men and pretten underage uncensored lolita
women, sitting with my gay
friend, and fantasizing about said friend and a very hot muscle guy
getting it on. I agreed to the whole scheme. He gave me directions (which
turned out to be to Allen’s house, not a gym, surprise) and I was over
there in forty minutes. Sam rode with me to the club while Allen went to
pick up Ronnie. I suspect that Allen thought this would be the return
strategy too, or maybe not. hidden lolita pay sites At some point it occurred to me that I’d
never been to a gay club, and I quizzed Sam about it. He told me to relax
and enjoy it.When Allen arrived with Ronnie, Sam leaned over and whispered something
to the effect of my winning a lottery. The idea that Sam was actually
jealous of me and my `date’ sent a little zing through me. I felt like
I was diving in for lolitas sites top 100 the first time. Allen introduced us, not remembering
my name. Ronnie was taller than me, at least six-three, and built like a
brick shit-house. His shirt was too tight, and his arms looked like they
were going to explode out of them. His pants were tight, but unbelievably
narrow waisted. The legs looked like they’d been inflated. I recognized
him as one of the guys in the finals, and he looked much better without
the brown paint.The club was pretty much like any other one, only there were a lot more
guys than women (and I was surprised to see women there at all). Guys
dancing all over the bs magazine model lolita
place, a lot of them shirtless. It was a little
overwhelming for bs magazine model lolita me, but the volume prevented any conversation, which was
good since I had no idea what to talk about. Sam immediately dragged
Allen out onto the floor, and his sheer bulk cleared a path for them. I
looked over to Ronnie, not really knowing what to expect, but he was
ordering drinks. He leaned close and yell-asked what I wanted. I yelled
back, and reached for my wallet, but he stopped me. I slugged down the
tequila when it came and felt immediately better. After a song or two (it
was hard to tell when one stopped and the other started) Ronnie asked me
to dance. I could have begged off, but I wanted to. I’m not a great
dancer, but it was fun.After a while dancing and drinking, we all met up again at the table.
Allen suggested we go to another floor where it was quieter. By then I
was pretty buzzed, so I didn’t care. Ronnie had his arm over my
shoulder, and I had mine around his waist. I was getting used to his bulk
and it felt good to have him to hang on to. My legs were getting pretty
tired. On the way upstairs, my right leg gave out. If Ronnie hadn’t
caught me, I’d have hit the dirt. He grabbed my belt and held me up,
looking worried. I apologized, feeling like an asshole Ronnie suggested
he drive me home, and I agreed because I sure as hell couldn’t drive (I
was pretty drunk). Sam volunteered, but Ronnie insisted.By the time we got to the apartment, my legs were really aching, but I
could walk again. The pain had taken the buzz off, and Ronnie and I
talked about the accident and my PT on the way home. I let him help me
upstairs, even though I’m pretty sure I could do it myself. He was
worried that I’d over done things. I sank into the couch, and Ronnie sat
next to me. I don’t know what made me do it, but I leaned over and
kissed him, mostly to thank him. His sheer weight on the couch put me
practically on top of him.For such a big guy, he was amazingly gentle, not like Rick. Every inch of
him felt like warm steel, but his touch was so light, so careful. At some
point we adjourned to my bedroom. We undressed as if it were the most
natural thing in the world to do. I hesitated to take off my pants, with
the scars and all, but Ronnie sat in front of me and gently pulled them
off, running his hands along my legs gently. Then he leaned forward and
took my very hard cock into his mouth and my legs failed again. He caught
me by the waist and eased me next to him. I’m glad my legs gave, because
I think I would have come in another second. We kissed some more, and I
let my hands roam all over him. I pulled his underwear off without
looking down. I didn’t want to lose it yet. I felt like this wasn’t
going to happen all the time, and I needed to really enjoy every second
of it. I gave myself permission to relax and go with it.When my hands reached his rod, I was a little surprised that it was on
the smaller side. I guess I expected it to be as big as he was, but it
was certainly thick. I didn’t think, I didn’t question, I just kissed
his neck, his pecs (I’d kill for pecs like his) and down his abs to the
base of his cock. In full view it looked huge, and I did what I’d seen
all the guys in the movies and pictures do. The first taste was so
different and so familiar. I guess all guys nudist lolita boy girl have the same scent. I worked
it gently, the way Leslie used to do me (on those rare occasions). He
moaned as I went up and down his shaft, enjoying every inch. His nuts
were smallish too, and tight up, but I could care less. He spread his
legs for me and I dove in. For my first blow job, I couldn’t have picked
a hotter guy. He bucked his hips and pushed his knob to the back of my
throat, and I gagged a little, but I liked it. His hands were all over
me, and they felt good.At one point he curled up and kissed my head, no small feat for a guy
that big to do. He whispered, `do you have any condoms’ and I freaked a
little, but remembered to let myself enjoy it. Truth be told, shy little lolitas stories
I did want
this big stud to fuck me, at least in theory. I came off him long enough
to mutter that they were in the nightstand, and he stretched over to get
them, giving me a great view of his naked body. I noticed that he shaved
his armpits, which struck me as a little weird. But every muscle was
defined and pumped, every inch of him was perfect. I couldn’t ask for a
better guy to be my first.He tore open the package and sat up, reaching across the bed for my cock.
At this point I preteen models bbs lolita was so shy little lolitas stories confused I just went with whatever he was going to
do. I’d already decided he was in charge and I was the apprentice here.
He gave my cock a second or two suck, then withdrew to put the rubber on.
That was pretty hot too, even if I had no idea what bs magazine model lolita
we were doing. I
figured he’d grab another one and put one on before he took me. Instead
he rolled over on top of me and I felt completely under his control.
It’s not easy to feel in control when a two-hundred and seventy pound
guy is on you. He kissed me hard, and asian lolita pics free I hugged him to me, my cock
grinding into his abs. I felt more drunk than I’d felt all night, and
the surreal events unfolding on my bed were just happening to me, no
plan, no thought, just one moment to the next. If I’d been thinking, I
would have figured out what was going on, but preteen models bbs lolita who can think?He sat up, little bbs lolita fun straddling my thighs. He took his cock and mine and stroked
them together, milking his fat head for precum. He inched nudist lolita boy girl up, letting my
cock slide behind him. At this point I got the picture, and again, I
didn’t give a shit that my first experience with a guy would be
completely the opposite of what I expected. As he aimed my cock, I arched
my back and felt the familiar resistance. That was the last second of
familiarity. The head entered his tight ass, and unlike a pussy, where
once you get past the entrance it’s a hot dark well, this was a tight,
three-sixty around ring squeezing my cock. I bucked and he flinched a
little. Lube would have been a good idea, at least more than his precum
(yeah, I figured that one out all by myself). He eased back down on me,
driving my cock deeper. As more and more of his weight came down, I felt
myself penetrating and stretching, pulling my skin back, then a snapping
as it move in. He arched his back, and old habits took over. I reached up
and grabbed his tits. Only they weren’t soft and full. Hard, hot pecs
and nips that could cut glass. I ran my hands down his body, enjoying the
feel of his muscles as he gyrated slowly, seating my cock deeper and
deeper. No pussy ever felt so tight and so enveloping. I could get used
to this, although a part of me wanted to be where he was. I remembered
his cock, and stroked him as he slid up and down mine. My feeble hips
only accented his movements, I wasn’t remotely strong enough to lift
this guy with my hips alone.He was making deep animal noises which turned me on even more. The idea
that my feeble seven and a half-incher could make this dude moan was just
phenomenal to me. He was riding me hard, and I wished again I’d lubed
up more. The pull and push was not exactly smooth. If I was gonna top
this guy, I decided to go for it. When he leaned back, I planted my hands
on his chest and pushed, forcing him back further until he had to unpin
his massive legs. I spread mine so he’d land between them, then
(painfully) swept back, all the time never leaving his tight hole. His
legs were now on either side of me, and I took hold of his ankles and
pulled them up and back. They were unbelievably heavy. I’m not one to
brag (like hell) but I’m pretty good in bed, and in this situation, I
knew for the very first time since I’d decided to `explore’ exactly
what to do. I reached back and grabbed the bottle of lube and pulled out
enough to douse my aching rod with a good amount. I think Ronnie got the
picture and grabbed the back of nudist lolita boy girl
his knees and I went to town. My legs
were on fire, and I didn’t care. This was the tightest pussy I’d ever
gotten, and I wasn’t about to call a time out.Ronnie shifted under me, putting one of those tree-trunk legs on my
shoulder and stretching out the other one. This gave me a side-angle
attack, which I took aggressively. If I’d exerted as much force on a
woman, I’d have injured her, but on a mountain of muscle, it must have
felt like a gentle caress. Ronnie bucked and pushed back every thrust,
driving his ass onto my cock. I wanted to come, I could feel it bubbling
in my balls, but my mission was to make him come first. He twisted around
again, this time getting flat on his face, and giving me a view of his
stupendous back muscles. Although my legs were beyond sore, I pulled his
hips hard (as it throwing all my weight into it) to get him to all fours.From here I knew I had him. His moans turned to grunts as I drove deeper
than before, using every trick I knew. I ground in circles at the bottom
of the stroke then pulled out until the head was just at that incredible
ring. I reached around and grabbed his cock, which was a little flaccid.
I panicked, but then remembered that Sam said that was normal. I stroked
him up to full then echoed my thrust with stroke after stroke. His ass
(and it was so damned small compared to his back!) changed angles every
stroke. My balls needed release bad. I felt him with my cock before my
hand; all along my shaft it tightened up, then twitched. I felt his cock
lurch and Ronnie bellowed like a bull, ramming his ass on to me so hard
it knocked me back to a sitting position. His orgasm lasted way longer
than mine usually did, and the dick massage he was giving me sent me over
the edge too. My cock shot off and every muscle in my body tensed up,
sending burning hot pain through my legs. I think I shouted, but I don’t
know.Ronnie pulled off slowly, giving my sore dick one more stroke. The
feeling of sliding out of him was amazing, even post-orgasm, and my cock
was still hard and full. He may have been ready for another go, but the
rest of me was spent. I stretched out and my legs started shaking right
away. Ronnie stretched out next to me and threw his legs over mine and
kissed me hard. To be honest, I wasn’t really in the mood for any more,
the punch-drunk feeling was gone, and pretten underage uncensored lolita the reality of the situation was
all around me. He asked if he could take a shower, and I said of course,
and wished I could join him, but I needed a few minutes to let my legs
rest.While he was in the shower, I recovered my hidden lolita pay sites
senses a little. There was a
huge cum-spot on my bed, and for the first time, it wasn’t mine. I got
up with difficulty and wiped it down with a towel. It occurred to me that
I had no idea how to get Ronnie home, or if he expected to spend the youn 12 yo loli
of the night (it was about two in the morning). I reached for my boxers,
but then decided to stay naked. I got Ronnie a towel and took it into
the bathroom. He didn’t ask me to join him in the shower, and I was
relieved because although I really wanted to, my legs hurt so much that I
just wanted to take a pain med and hit the rack. Again, I decided to let
him call the shots. If he got dressed when he came out, I’d know where
we were going.Tired now, I’ll finish this tomorrow.April 15, 19XX
Mailed my taxes today, which reminded me that I have to go back to work
soon. I’m looking forward little bbs lolita fun to it, although I still have another month
off. My company is being very generous, but then they don’t have much
choice since the accident was their fault anyway. The lawyers keep
calling me, I guess it’s time to listen to my sis and get my own.It’s been four days since my experience with Ronnie, and I’m still a
little shocked by it.
Sam called this morning (at the crack of noon) to chat, but Rico was over
so we decided to meet for lunch tomorrow. I wanted to talk to Sam too,
since we haven’t had a chance to catch up since the meet. Ronnie did end
up spending the night, but he left early. He woke me up with a blow job,
which I gotta say is better than an alarm clock. I drove him baby teen lolitas models home, which
turned out to be Allen’s house, and I wanted to ask young pussy hot lol Sam what the deal
was.Anthony sent me another e-mail, and after my experience with Ronnie, I
feel different about things. Different how I don’t know, but the wind’s
out of my sails a bit. I’m torn between meeting nudist lolita boy girl
Anthony or just taking a
break to take stock.April 16, 19XX
Workout with Rico was good. Legs back to semi-normal and could keep up
again. Rico asked me how my love life was going and I lied, said `what
love life?’ and he laughed. He said his girlfriend know this girl I
might like, and I acted interested. I wouldn’t mind going back to the
way things were, but not yet. Ronnie left me wanted something and I need
to know what it is.Lunch with Sam was good, he knows the best places. asian lolita pics free I couldn’t wait to
ask the story about Allen and Ronnie, but didn’t need to. Sam thanked me
profusely for coming on the date, (even paid for lunch, a first). Turns
out Allen and Ronnie are a couple, but they occasionally have a `night
off’ where they hook up with other guys. This seems weird to me, but I
guess iboard3 to bbs loli
when all the players are men, if you actually put rules on the
cheating it’s better than if left to our own devices. The rules for them
are that they have to meet and approve of the other guys’ date, no
skanks or wierdos that will get in the way later. If I had any hope of
being in bed with Ronnie again, that was now gone. Sam regaled me with
his night with Allen, and demanded details on Ronnie, bs magazine model lolita which I couldn’t
believe I was giving. He was upset that pretten underage uncensored lolita I baby teen lolitas models was still a `virgin’ and said
he’d make it his project to get me laid. He then launched into a
detailed description of what I needed to do as a bottom; more information
than I could possibly need.April 18, 19XX
Workout was great. Rico brought the phone number of the girl he wants me
to meet, I gave her a call and left a message on her machine. There are
some advantages to being a homebody.Decided to meet Anthony. For the past few nights we’ve been doing cyber,
and if he’s half as good in person as he is on line, I may get an
education from him. He definitely knows what he wants and isn’t afraid
to ask for it, at least on line. Found out he too is married, no kids,
wife works all the time and isn’t interested in sex. Just how many guys
are bi??[should the diaries continue? lopezbosyahoo.com]
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